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A Specialty Olive Oil & Vinegar Tasting Shop

 We offer specialty gourmet oils and vinegars on tap. Our products include 100% extra virgin olive oils, flavored oils, premium balsamics and more! We invite you to stop by our shop to sample any of our products.

Please browse our site to view our current seasonal selections.


Store Hours:

   Sunday 11am-4pm

  Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm


We will be opening early (at 9am) for the Caffeine & Carburetors 2014 events on the following dates:

April 6
May 4
June 15
September 7
October 5
November 2

Upcoming Events:

Tasting Event featuring FreshDine on Saturday, April 12 from noon-2pm.


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     Three reasons to add more extra virgin olive oil into our diets:

    #1- Olive oil can play a leading role in a healthy lifestyle. It is a rich source of polyphenols that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

    #2- Clinical studies show that olive oil can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

    #3- It is the richest source of monounsaturated (“good”) fats among all cooking oils and is full of vitamin E making it healthy for our hair and skin too!

     Learn more about why we are so passionate about Olive Oil by visiting the North American Olive Oil Association website.




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